The Butterfly Fazioli Piano

The Butterfly blossomed from our continued partnership with the Fazioli Company, crafted in Sacile, Italy, an area renowned for an ancient and prestigious tradition in woodworking. Established in 1981 by engineer and pianist Paolo Fazioli, each piano embodies the fundamental philosophies behind the company that guarantee each piano is tested to perfection.

fazioli, butterfly, bing thom

The Butterfly Piano is framed by Omer Arbel ‘s 16.480 and Martin Boyce’s Beyong the Sea/Against the Sun

Fazioli’s love for music, scientific expertise and passion for research is what makes his pianos the best in the world. Each material, design and sound is unique and not one piano is the same. The Butterfly is no exception, and upholds the Fazioli artistic standards from the first phase of constructing the rims, to the final sanding and polishing, which is almost entirely done by hand, as only the human touch ensures perfection.

fazioli, butterfly, bing thom

The Butterfly is the most recent Fazioli to join the Westbank family, which began with the Shangri-La, Vancouver, where we commissioned a custom-made black lacquer Fazioli that complements the dark chocolate and caramel tones of the interior of the hotel. While visiting the Fight For Beauty Exhibition, please follow the sounds of our gleaming white Fazioli grand piano, across the street into the lobby of The Vancouver Fairmont Pacific Rim, where it comes alive during cocktail hour.

fazioli, butterfly, bing thom

The Butterfly is crafted in honour of the late Bing Thom, one of Canada’s most admired and accomplished architects, whose legacy lives on through each of his designs. The name “The Butterfly” was a working title given to the concept of the project many years ago, and is the first piece of work that the design team did not have Thom’s input on – therefore they poured their passion and emotion into creating a legacy that can be heard each time a pianist takes their seat.

The Fight for Beauty Exhibition will showcase pianists during public hours, open now until December 17th.

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