Northern Lights by Douglas Coupland, a film by Lukas Dong

The TELUS Sky façade features integrated LED lighting which wraps around each “pixel,” the window frames of the building, along the south façade. This fully programmable installation serves as the basis of the public art by Doug Coupland. Coupland will be creating a series of façade animation sequences that takes advantage of the building’s curved skin while, at the same time, using what architect Bjarke Ingels sees as a highly mineralogical underlying structure.  Coupland will also be creating an app called Northern Lights, available free to the public. Northern Lights will allow smartphone and tablet users to hold devices up to the TELUS Sky’s façade to see and read colour-specific messages which are otherwise unviewable within an overall full-colour motion sequence. These messages could be simple data like date, time and weather, but then could also become larger and quite elaborate sequences such as wind passing over a grass field or a bird in flight, simple but primal images of earth and sky.

This film, as well as the complete Westbank Film series, is available to view at the Fight for Beauty Exhibition.

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