The Future of Cities & Culture.

Fight for Beauty, an exhibition curated and produced by international city-builder and culture company, Westbank, will be hosting “The Future of Cities & Culture,” beginning this October. The speaker series will examine contemporary issues and topics with experts, creatives and innovators who are not afraid to tackle the issues – and take on the fights – that will help change our cities for the better.

Future Series

An Evening With Margaret Trudeau

December 13, 5pm - 7pm
Fairmont Pacific Rim

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Margaret Trudeau is a national leader in the campaign for mental health. She sits on the Executive Advisory Board of the UBC Mental Health Institute as a community advocate, and will be a panelist for our first panel discussion.

One of the most visible issues in Vancouver today is mental health. Research shows us there are strong connections between mental health issues, substance abuse and homelessness. While these issues are not unique to Vancouver, our city and communities suffer acutely from their impacts. There is an urgent need to acknowledge the importance of mental health, for cities and citizens, as well as to support the programs and care necessary to treat and prevent mental illnesses. Healthcare and services for treating mental health can have significant, life changing effects for those who suffer from illness and to the overall health of the communities of which they are a part. These ideas are finally finding their way into policy, policing, health care, and governance. We invite you to join us as we welcome mental health advocate Margaret Trudeau to continue the conversation.

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